Gigabyte Monitor

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Giga-Byte Technology Co. Ltd or as we know for short, Gigabyte a global brand that makes and distributes computer hardware. The company is originated from Taiwan. Now the company mainly focuses its resources in making motherboards, graphics cards and other computer hardware that are related to gaming. Gigabyte has won many numerous Awards that has brought them to the spotlight as one of the best manufacturers for computer hardware. The company was founded in 1986 by Pei Cheng Yeh. The company has few sub brands that we may be familiar to like, Aorus, Aero and others.

Features Of Gigabyte Monitor
Gigabyte Monitor has brought a new and different type of monitor dedicated to gaming through the sub brand Aorus. There are no other monitors that can come close to the performing rate of the Gigabyte monitor. The company has made the monitor specifically for gaming and has succeeded to do so. They have added many types of special features that will increase and enhance the gaming experience of the players. They have added the top rated gaming technology to the monitor which has technologies like, a refresh rate of 144Hz, AMD FreeSync, 1ms response time, 10 BITs color IPS with contrast ratio of 1,000 : 1, 95% DCI-P3, HDR and many other features that gives the player a gaming advantage over other gamers. This monitor is the World’s First Gaming Tactical Monitor which is built by this company.

Where You Can Get The Monitor with best price
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