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What is an FAQ page?

FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions” and an FAQ page is often included on websites to allow questions to be asked and answered in a public forum. An FAQ page is a living, breathing document that should be updated regularly. Every time a customer asks you a question, you need to decide whether it is something that other customers may ask or find interesting and useful to know. You need to make sure that you answer the questions clearly and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with your customers and reflect the personality of your business and brand.

“Frequently asked questions” is a broad topic and you may wish to create separate information pages about some of the more important elements such as making payments, shipping and returns. The information you’re providing on this page needs to be current and reflect the issues customers are having with relevant and supportive responses which address your customers’ queries.

Why should my E commerce website have an FAQ page?

Answering customer queries is the main purpose of an FAQ page but it can be so much more than you realise. It can be a powerful yet simple and quick way to bring added benefits to your business in the following ways: